Nature Environment

Roerdalen Horse Experience

Riders and drivers can practice their skills for free at the Roerdalen Horse Experience, specifically through trail courses, jumping obstacles, and challenges.

The Experience

Outdoor riding with your horse in the nature reserves and National Parks in Limburg is an absolute must-do when you are a rider in Limburg. Be surprised by the surroundings . The view is magnificent after every turn you take.

At rest areas, you are welcome to have a nice meal and rest your horse in a shady place. The rest areas are of course equipped with a sturdy binding place, fresh water and hay. The riding and driving maps and routes of the various areas are available for sale through various outlets, including the webshop .

National Park De Maasduinen

Horse riding in National Park the Maasduinen is a fantastic experience. Through the nodes of the equestrian route network you can make beautiful routes in the area. The dunes alternate with water and form a unique picture. As a rider or driver you can enjoy the challenging stretches that are also present. Horseback riding and driving is only allowed on designated paths.

Horseriding National Park De Maasduinen

National Park De Meinweg

National Park De Meinweg is a great place to take an outdoor ride in Limburg. The park has an extensive equestrian and riding route network. Both the novice and the very experienced rider can enjoy hours of fun here. The equestrian network is part of over 150 km of signposted routes. Horseback riding and driving is only allowed on designated trails.

A female rider in National Park de Meinweg

Het Kempen~Broek

In Weert there is a cross-border junction network of 80 km of signposted trails. You can easily connect from the network of the Limburg Kempen in Belgium and the municipality of Cranendonck. In this area, riders and drivers cross De IJzeren Man, Kruispeel, Laurabossen, Wijfelterbroek, Stramprooierheide and the Tungelerwallen. Horseback riding and driving is only allowed on the designated trails.

Group riders in Nature reserve het kempen-broek

Nature reserve Maaspark Ooijen -Wanssum

Who doesn't dream of a freely accessible, interconnected, watery area where you and your horse can enjoy riding outdoors. The 540 ha contiguous nature reserve is located in northern Limburg and has, in addition to Maasduinen, a lot of forest and water. The Maaspark is equipped with horseriding and driving routes.

Picture: Paul Poels Fotografie

Oude maasarm Ooijen-Wanssum Paul Poels Fotografie

National Park De Groote Peel

National Park De Groote Peel is among the most beautiful places in Limburg. Horseback riding is only allowed on the riding trail. The routes go through the most beautiful natural areas, village centers and past historical sites.

De groote Peel

Nature reserve Mookerheide

Mookerheide Nature Reserve can be found in the most northern tip of Limburg. Here you have narrow forest paths and long dirt roads where you can drive endlessly. Because the area lies on a lateral moraine, there are large height differences. Riders and drivers should stay on the designated trails.


Riding and driving route maps

With the riding and driving route maps you can easily put together your own riding route based on junctions. The maps can be purchased through various outlets in North and Central Limburg:webshop, VVV Winkels, Equestrian centers, Equidrome en Paardenwelkom companies. 

Horseriding in the forest

Equestrian label Natural Monuments

For bridle paths in Limburg it is desirable to carry the equestrian label for : Nature reserve De Langenboomse Bossen (between Oss and Venray), De Krang (Grenspark Kempen-Broek Swartbroek), De Laurabossen (west of Weert), Grenspark Kempen~Broek, Stramprooise Heide and De Maasvallei. By purchasing a label you contribute to the maintenance of the trails and protection of the nature maintained by Natuurmonumenten.

Equestrian label Natural Monuments